Easy Chirp is no longer maintained.

Easy Chirp 2 beta


Easy Chirp 2

Web accessibility for the Twitter website application

Easy Chirp is a web-accessible alternative to the Twitter.com website. It is designed to be simple to use and is optimized for people who are disabled. It also works with keyboard-only, older browsers like IE9, lowband internet connection, and without JavaScript. Learn more about web accessibility.

Refer to the development tasks further down this page for items currently in progress. Learn more about Easy Chirp on the About and Features pages. You may also read an extensive list of user feedback and blogs/articles about this application.

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Notable Features

  • Tweet an image with a caption and long description.
  • A built-in shorten URL tool with choice of service.
  • Search, user search, and saved searches.
  • View, subscribe, and create Twitter Lists.
  • Works great with or without JavaScript.
  • Fully keyboard accessible.
  • Inline threading of tweets; displays reply "conversation".
  • In addition to old and new desktop browsers, I work on virtually any user-agent (even Lynx, a text-only browser), with screen readers and Braille displays, and tablets and mobile devices.

More Features


  • Recipient of the 2014 FCC Chairman's Award for Advancement in Accessibility.
  • Recipient of the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) 2011 Access Award.
  • Recipient of the 2009 Access IT @web2.0 Award.

Read more about Easy Chirp's awards on the About page.

Development Tasks

  • Direct Messages functionality broken; only displays text message; due to Twitter completely changing the DM API.
  • Periodically user unable to change Twitter accounts even after logging out on Easy Chirp and on Twitter.
  • Pagination missing list subscriber/member pages.
  • User details page is blank page when user account is private.