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The Name

A "2" was added to the Easy Chirp name in mid-2013 after a full relaunch (and rewrite). The relaunch was due to major updates needed including a change in the Twitter API. A successful Kickstarter campaign was run in order to help funding for the relaunch.

Originally, the app was named "Accessible Twitter". Many of the articles and awards cited on this website use this name. Learn more about the name change.


Help keep Twitter fully web-accessible by donating to Easy Chirp! All donations will go toward site development, maintenance, and hosting fees.

Our Twitter Account

Follow Easy Chirp 2 on Twitter: @EasyChirp.

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Feedback and suggestions are always welcome. In addition to Twitter, you may contact Easy Chirp by emailing info AT easy chirp dot com.

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Easy Chirp 2 is built with PHP (with Codeigniter MVC framework), HTML5, JavaScript (and jQuery), and the Twitter API.


This site is not affiliated in any way to Twitter.

Your information is safe with us! The information in your profile, tweets, etc., will not used in any way outside of this web application. Use of this web site is voluntary. This site is not responsible for any data which may be changed or lost.


Recipient of the 2014 FCC Chairman's Award for Advancement in Accessibility

Easy Chirp was the winner in the Social Media category of the 2014 FCC Chairman's Award for Advancement in Accessibility.

Recipient of the AFB 2011 Access Award

Accessible Twitter was honored with the American Foundation for the Blind 2011 Access Award. Other recipients included CBS, Lexmark, and Walt Disney Parks & Resorts.

Recipient of the 2009 Access IT @web2.0 Award

award icon; man in wheelchair holding globe over head The Access IT @web2.0 Award is in recognition of a project, product or service that advances accessibility on web 2.0. Endorsed by the International Webmasters Association.

Nominated in the 2010 Best of the Web Awards

.net Magazine Awards 2010 Accessible Twitter was a nominee for "Best API Use" in the 2010 .net Magazine's Best of the Web awards.

Nominated in the Blind Bargains: 2009 & 2010 Access Awards

Accessible Twitter was a nominee for "Best Blindness-related Website" in the Blind Bargains: 2009 Access Awards and the Blind Bargains: 2010 Access Awards (category 7).

RNIB Featured Website, December 2011

Easy Chirp was the RNIB Featured Website, December 2011.


Dennis Lembree is the owner and original developer of Easy Chirp/Accessible Twitter. Easy Chirp 2 is developed by Dennis and Andrew Woods.


A successful Kickstarter campaign was run in order to help funding for the relaunch.

A big thank-you to the platinum Kickstarter backers:

Sharron Rush (@sharrush), George Zamfir (@good_wally), John F Croston III (@jfc3), Pratik Patel (@ppatel), Frank M. Palinkas (@fmpalinkas), Mike Paciello (@mpaciello).

More Info

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