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A Web For Everyone

book cover Easy Chirp is mentioned in A Web for Everyone: Designing Accessible User Experiences by Sarah Horton and Whitney Quesenbery. Published by Rosenfeld Media.

The Twitter Book

book cover Easy Chirp is mentioned in The Twitter Book, now in the second edition! See the first page of the Get Started section. Follow co-author Sarah Milstein @SarahM.

Näin käytät Twitteriä (How to Use Twitter)

book cover Accessible Twitter is mentioned in Näin käytät Twitteriä (How to Use Twitter). A book written in Finnish by author Maija Haavisto (@DiamonDie).

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Social networks and accessibility: A not so sad picture
Marco Zehe
2015 Feb 21
Easy Chirp returns with new sporty features and more power under the hood
Accessible Insights Blog
2013 Oct 29
Accessible Twitter: Advancement through technology
Nomensa, Léonie Watson
2010 Feb 10
Accessible Twitter: how it should have been done to start with
Andy Bryant
2009 Jul 31

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Vom Sinn eines accessible Twitter clients
German to English translation by Google
Werwoelfchens Blog
2017 Dec 09
Alt text support for Twitter Cards and the REST API
Twitter Blog
2016 Mar 29
A brief history of accessibility on Twitter in ten tweets to mark Twitter's 10th birthday
2016 Mar 21
Screenreaders, Twitter and OCR
Yin Wah Kreher
2015 Nov 08
Easy Chirp, an accessible Twitter alternative
Where It's AT – Assistive Technology Blog (Maryland Department of Disabilities)
2015 Oct 21
Easy Chirp Technology: How People with Visual Impairments Can Now Access Twitter
Ticket to Work (US gov)
2015 Aug 12
Notes on providing alt text for twitter images
The Paciello Group blog
2015 Jan 02
Don't Tweet Pictures of Text
Adrian Roselli
2014 Dec 21
Anti-social: Feds wonder why social media companies drag feet on accessibility issues
2014 July 17
Highlight an App – Easy Chirp
Student Affairs Women Talk Tech
2014 May 22
Easy Chirp: web-accessible alternative interface for Twitter [in Czech]
Blindly, The blind users - web accessibility, assistive technology for disabled users
2013 Oct 31
Social Media and Disability Pilot Program Featuring Easy Chirp (video)
2013 Jun 05
Easy Chirp seeks funding for update
Media Access Australia
2013 Apr 05
Got Accessibility? Tips for Social Media
Below The Fold
2012 Oct 4
Easy Chirp: Twitter Acessível Via Web!
Total Acesso
2012 Sep 10
Report: Sociability, Social Media for People with a Disability
Preparedness For All
2012 Jun 04
Making Social Media More Accessible
IBM Social Business Insights Blog
2012 Mar 7
Twitter accessible for visually impaired people [podcast]
2012 Jan 29
Easy Chirp makes tweeting more accessible
Regional Support Centre Scotland
2011 Oct 00
Twitter: Tweet Me Accessible
Job Accommodation Network
2011, third quarter
TA Daily Tip 238: @EasyChirp [podcast]
Tech Access Weekly
2011 Jul 06
Google App Accessibility, Easy Chirp, Yahoo Accessibility Channel, AT Update In-depth [podcast]
Assistive Technology Update
2011 Jul 01
Accessible Twitter Changes Name To Easy Chirp
Media Access Australia
2011 Jun 02
Happy Birthday Twitter
Dave Banes Access
2011 Apr 08
Tweeters Take Responsibility for an Accessible Web 2.0
Fast Capitalism
2010 Jul 01
A word with the accessible Dennis Lembree on Accessible Twitter
Accessible Insights, Laura Legendary
2010 Feb 26
Accessible Twitter on the Kindle
Sarah E. Bourne
2010 Feb 25
Contribute to Twitter Presentation at CSUN10
Joseph Karr O'Connor
2010 Feb 24
Accessibility and Social Media
practical ecommerce, Joe Dolson
2010 Jan 21
Accessible Twitter (from E-Learning Council)
E-Learning Council
2010 Jan 18
Accessible Twitter (from aclJohn's Inclusion Finds)
aclJohn's Inclusion Finds
2009 Dec 23
Zugänglich – und bequem – twittern
German to English translation by Google
2009 Dec 05
A Wake-Up Call For Twitter
New Matilda
2009 Dec 01
Accessibilité 2.0, bien plus qu'un slogan
translated title: "Accessibility 2.0, more than a slogan"
presentation by Pierre Guillou of IDEOSE
2009 Nov 25
Review: Twitter's Alter Ego, "Accessible Twitter"
2009 Oct 29
Accessible Twitter optimized for disabled Twitter users
Murray Newlands
2009 Sep 00
Accessible Experts: Dennis Lembree Talks About Accessible Twitter
working title: "Inaccessibility: The Awful Truth About Most Web Sites"
Even Grounds, Tom Babinszki (guest article by Dennis Lembree
2009 Sep 04
Application Opens Up Twitter To Disabled Users
E-Access Bulletin Live
2009 Aug 14
[Test] Results for Accessible Twitter
2009 August 10
For Fun And For Free
Black Telephone; Joseph Karr O'Connor
2009 Aug 02
Accessible Twitter (from Web Accessibility Rambles)
Web Accessibility Rambles
2009 Jul 29
Accessible Twitter (from UD in ME)
UD in ME, Cynthia Curry
2009 Jul 09
Twitter: Remaking the Persona of the Physically Challenged
TwitTip, Carmen R. Gonzalez
2009 Jul 03
Mainstream Sites Or Accessible Solutions
Even Grounds, Tom Babinszki
2009 Jun 11
Accessible Twitter Applications
Tink, Léonie Watson
2009 May 21
Accessible Twitter – web accessibility for the Twitter website
2009 May 08
FSCast Episode 30, May 2009 (using Twitter with JAWS screen reader)
Freedom Scientific
2009 May 00
Interview with Accessible Twitter creator Dennis Lembree
2009 Apr 23
Tweet: Two Twitter Items
2009 Apr 23
Accessible Social Media
2009 Apr 07
Accessible Twitter, Accessible Tweets
Smiffy's Place, Matthew Smith
2009 Apr 03
Twitter Accessibility (CSUN Tweetup 2009) (see slide 14)
WebAIM, Jared Smith
2009 Mar 19
Accessing Twitter from the iPhone
tim o'brien photos
2009 Mar 04
Accessible Twitter (from Even Grounds)
Even Grounds, Tom Babinszki
2009 Feb 28
Accessible Twitter (from EduGuru)
.EduGuru, Nick DeNardis
2009 Feb 16
Accessible Twitter (from Pretty Simple)
Pretty Simple, James Coltham
2009 Feb 10
Accessible Twitter (Web Directions South)
Web Directions South
2009 Feb 09
Accessible Twitter (from AniktoBlog)
Anikto Blog
2009 Feb 08
What about Social Networks and Accessibility?
Scottish Accessible Information Forum
date not available
Twitter Social Media Guide
Media Access Australia
date not available
Suite of accessible web applications
ACCESS: Technology
date not available