Easy Chirp is no longer maintained.

Easy Chirp 2 beta



Accessibility Features

  • Tweet an image with a caption and long description.
  • Alternative text for an image is rendered for screen reader users and also can be displayed for sighted users (when alternative text is provided by the Twitter API).
  • All links and functionality is keyboard accessible.
  • Simple, consistent layout and navigation is provided.
  • Headings and page titles are implemented carefully for optimal accessibility.
  • Ajax actions are concluded with an alert (JS or ARIA) that notifies the user of the result of the action.
  • Large default text size and high color contrast.
  • Text may be resized many levels without breaking layout.
  • Access keys (native keyboard shortcuts) to main menu items.
  • Forms and data tables are marked up for optimal accessibility.
  • Code is semantic, light, and adheres to best practices for Web Standards.
  • ARIA is implemented throughout including document landmark roles, alert roles, and live region for the dynamic character counter.
  • A "skip to main content" link is provided for keyboard users (and a "skip to sign in" link on the home page).
  • Works with or without JavaScript.
  • Works with all types of assistive technology including screen readers, screen enlargers, braille-output, text-only browsers, and pretty much any web-enabled device.

Main Features

  • Political filter removes tweets with "Trump" and a few other related terms. Toggle from footer.
  • When writing a tweet, a character counter and a Shorten URL feature (choose bit.ly or weba.im) are available.
  • In addition to the basic retweet, quote tweet, and reply, user can reply to all and email tweet.
  • View, subscribe, and create Twitter Lists.
  • Search tweets and users (and search tips).
  • Add, delete, and run saved searches.
  • Edit basic profile settings including updating avatar.
  • Easily jump to user's profile and timeline.
  • Inline threading of tweets; displays reply "conversation".
  • Tweets contain linked hash tags and usernames.
  • Easy to review a tweet when replying and quoting.
  • View details of who you're following and your followers.
  • Blocking is supported.
  • Number of retweets are displayed on each tweet (if 1 or more).
  • View Retweets by you, of you, and to you.
  • Quickly find out if a user is following you from the user's profile page.
  • View current Twitter Trends.
  • A link to Twitter is provided for 'View Single Tweet' page and for owned and subscribed lists.
  • Designed for all screen resolutions, great for desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Works on all major browsers: IE9+, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome.