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Report Spam

You can report a spammer account to Twitter three ways:

  • Click the Report Spammer icon link under the user options in a tweet.
  • Click the Report Spammer icon link on the user details page.
  • Reporting spam on Twitter


Tips for searching are listed on the Search page.

Friends, Favorites, Direct Messages

The following table provides tips on how to use the Twitter text commands relating to friends, favorites and direct messages.

Syntax Explanation Example
@username + message Directs a tweet at named person, and causes your twitter to save in their "replies" timeline. Only you, named person, and users following both, will see this tweet in their timeline. @caratina I love that song too, The Cure rules!
.@username + message Same as above but allows all accounts to view the tweet. (Period at beginning.) .@jennison I love that song too, Joy Division rules!
RT @username + their message Retweet. When you copy and pass along someone else's message. This is the old method which is different that Twitter's "native" retweet. RT @easychirp Working on some performance enhancements with the API.
MT @username + their message Modified tweet. Similar to a Retweet, but when you modify someone else's message. Cool! MT @EasyChirp is working on some performance enhancements with the Twitter API. #twitter #a11y
^ + user initials For accounts with more than one author, the author adds a carat (^) and his initials to the end of the tweet to clarify who he is. @somebody Yes, sent to email address associated with the account. ^DW

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Control+/ Search
  • Control+Shift+/ Quick Search
  • Control+u Go To User
  • Control+m My Profile

Access Keys

  • 0 Home
  • 1 Timeline
  • 2 Mentions
  • 3 Favorites
  • 5 Lists
  • 6 Direct Message (DM)
  • 7 Tools

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